Tuesday, August 13, 2013

It’s the Republican “hide the evidence” Party, or How to Conceal their failed policy without anyone noticing.

Getting almost no coverage at all is the obvious attempt by Republicans to cover and conceal their tracks leading to and from their failed policies.

Take the Great Recession, caused by free market fundamentalist deregulation, voluntary oversight and greed. As Republicans push for even greater market freedom believe it or not, they’re trying to conceal the consequences of their ideology with a few tricks:
Cut unemployment benefit weeks and availability to conceal work force reductions and offshoring to overseas cheap labor.

Cut food stamps to conceal lower wages or lost jobs in the U.S.
The same can be said for tort reform:
Cut malpractice settlements to discourage and conceal even more possible lawsuits.

Cut the ability to sue for malpractice to conceal growing number of medical errors made every year.

Cut malpractice lawsuits instead of preventing medical errors in the first place.

Cut business liability for defective products to conceal defective products and corporate irresponsibility.

Prevent lawsuits of any kind to conceal out-of-control free market wild west by business campaign donors.
The same is true of Voter Suppression schemes and voter ID, which conceal how unpopular their platform really is:
Cut voter turnout to secure elections for weak candidates pushing unpopular policies.

Cut voter turnout to reduce the majority to minority size.

Isolate typically Democratic urban areas through gerrymandering securing Republican seats pushing unpopular policies. 
On a national level RNC chair Reince Priebus wants to conceal candidate platforms by limiting questions and debates for public viewing. It's a ploy tea party candidates exploited in 2010, when they refused general media interviews and went to conservative outlets only.

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