Tuesday, August 27, 2013

It's not safe to go to the Capitol anymore. Police now turning on Protesters and Onlookers alike!!!!

It was bound to happen.

Capitol Police Chief David Erwin's absence is telling. Unlike Chief Tubbs, who played the buffer between protesters and his police force, Erwin's cowardice and high salary separates him from his fellow officers. He's a leader watching from the back row. Perfect Walker material.

Wanna go to the Capitol for a visit? You would be risking everything, not to mention a big fat fine or a wasted day in court. Boy, what a way to make it easy for everyone to share the Capitol.

Erwin hopes to train and discipline the protesters. But with the tensions mounting day after day, and a few favorite protesters to arrest, what you're about to see was inevitable; an unprovoked attack.

"Segway" Jeremy Ryan posted the following video of Damon Terrell simply taking pictures, until officers out-of-the-blue surprisingly tried to arrest him. This raw video clearly shows Terrell as an observer:

WKOW's Greg Neumann covered the event:

Just think, this is what Scott Walker would bring to the presidency.  

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