Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Rep. Steve Nass and “The Fightin’ White Racists” Push em back, push em back…way back!!!

There’s only one conclusion I can make regarding Republican Rep. Steve Nass’ fight to keep racist mascot names at schools across the state; he’s probably a blatant racist trying to appeal to fellow racists.

Come on, have you seen this guy. Based on Nass’ logic, a mascot is not racist if you don’t think so, even if everybody else does. So...Nass isn't a racist because...well, he likes racist mascots, it's that simple.

Since Nass is fighting FOR symbols everybody else finds racist, I’m proposing an amendment to his bill that would require at least one school in the state adopt my idea for a sports mascot; “The Fightin’ White Racist.” WISC:

Rep. Stephen Nass, R-Whitewater, drafted a bill to put those decisions back in the school board’s control.

“Every school district with an Indian name, logo or mascot will eventually come under fire,” Nass said. “The Mukwonago school district and all citizens of Mukwonago do not believe it's discriminatory. I don't believe it's discriminatory,” Nass said. “And there is a difference, there is a difference.”
But of course, there is no difference.
Rachel Byington is a Wisconsin Indian Education Association representative. She said there is no excuse, historical or otherwise, for what she sees as discriminating mascots. “We find this offensive and we want it to end, and for people to keep saying, well we're honoring you, but yet the people say we don't feel it's an honor, there's a real mismatch in cultural understanding,” Byington said.

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  1. I do not understand what Steve Nass actually want from proposing an amendment to his bill??

    Kopi Luwak