Friday, August 30, 2013

Let Republicans be Republicans for once, in all its ugly grotesqueness.

I’m not sure why it’s a good idea for Democrat to help Republicans be a better party. We keep giving them advice, wishing that someday they’ll see the light and change their ways. Stop trying to help. I cringe every time I see a Democrat or liberal talking head give them advice. Get a clue, this is who these people are. They're not like us at all.

What we’re seeing right now from the Republican Party are cocky, unrestrained ideologies letting gubernatorial and legislative success in states across the country go to their collective heads. We're getting a firsthand look at the authoritarian underpinnings of a party hell bent on revenge, paranoia, hate and racism.

Take conservative talker Bryan Fisher for instance. I say go nuts Bryan, tell us what you really think of Hillary Clinton.  

That's not name calling at all, is it? I especially liked this promo for another right wing book, this one entitled "Escape to Freedom," that envisions a country tea party Republicans hope to see someday.  It's an exercise in outrageous projection. Keep it up guys, we seeing your fear:

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