Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Town Hall Reveal: Citizens smarter than Republican Politicians on ObamaCare.

Republicans continue to fail at their own town halls when confronted by citizens who know more about “ObamaCare” than they do. That’s why we’re seeing fewer town halls and a lot of whining from tea party groups who planned to disrupt town halls for their own partisan benefit.

When small business owner Ron Nelsen of Las Vegas, who owns and operates “Pioneer Overhead Door” went to Republican Rep. Joe Heck’s town hall, he wanted some answers. That didn't happen:

Washington Post’s Greg Sargent: Nelsen says he was there in his capacity as a Heck constituent. “I wasn’t there representing anyone but myself, my company, my employees and my family.”

...we may now be heading into new political territory when it comes to Obamacare … it may be harder for Republicans to explain their continuing drive to repeal it, particularly to constituents who understand what repeal would take away from them. 

How Republicans would keep, say, the protection for people with preexisting conditions while doing away with the individual mandate is a good question on its own. But that aside, the problem for lawmakers like Heck is that, when House Republicans try to pass just popular provisions such as the preexisting conditions piece, conservatives revolt, because they fear it will weaken the appetite to pursue full repeal and will legitimize an ambitious role for the federal government in dramatically expanding coverage to the uninsured and in fixing other problems in the health care system.

Proponents of Obamacare are actively working to put pressure on GOP lawmakers to create situations like these, in order to demonstrate that the pro-repeal position may prove hard to defend. 
Take the situation below with GOP Rep. Patrick McHenry of North Carolina, who basically supports and back believe it or not...the current system in place now. Yes, everything he describes in the video is currently in place now, except buying insurance across state lines (which would create nothing but junk policies filled with insurer loopholes). Even worse, he would support "mandating" young people buy insurance. Really? Hey, that's big government health care again.

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