Sunday, August 11, 2013

Conservative Pundit Kevin Hermening labels Capitol Protesters Fascists...dissent will not be tolerated.

WPT's morning radio show showcased a classic example of authoritarian behavior by a conservative political activist, former Iran Hostage and never quite realized 2010 senate candidate Kevin Hermening, now a certified financial planner in Wausau. He lost to teabilly Pam Galloway.

Hermening was quick to project his own "fascist" leanings in the direction of every protester at the state Capitol:
"Listen, this behavior is something that has gone on way too long, and tolerated way too long, by a group of people who are the most disrespectful, intolerant citizens and people who aren't citizens of Wisconsin...they would describe the governor and his administration as fascist. Um, but he technical term, definition of the term...fascist ideology...consistently invoke the primacy of the state. Now these protesters oppose this state government, but I'm pretty sure that they would very much raise up their primacy of their state as they would seek to decide and define it...!"  
Hermening doesn't just project, but he defines the conservative position: dissent will not be "tolerated." Protesters are showing "disrespect" to the party leaders. We're treading in dangerous waters here. He even justified the arrests at the Capitol over an already disproved story about forcing a wedding out of the Capitol.

Former state supreme court candidate Ed Fallone, a Associate Professor of Law at Marquette University, made Hermening look like a third world dictator, which wouldn't be to far off:
Hermening: "I'm surprised that there hasn't been true violence by people who are getting sick and tired and fed up with the behavior of the protesters..."

Announcer: "Democratic state representative...

Fallone: "Hold on, hold on, I mean, I'm still trying to get my head around what Kevin just said.

Hermening: "Don't be a bully Ed, don't join the bullies, you're part of the bully group if you support their behavior."

Fallone: "Yeah, well aside from your characterizing the protests in one fell swoop as a bunch of fascists. Let's remember Kevin, that the birth of the tea party movement, so beloved of the current Republican establishment in this state and nationwide, was a bunch of people disrupting townhall forums on health care policy, and taking over and disrupting the forum screaming and yelling. And a lot of people weren't happy about that Kevin, but that's democracy. And they supported the right of those individuals to speak out. And I think that for you, to be selective, and who has the right to speak out and protest and who doesn't, is unfortunately reflective of a real blind spot on your part. The constitution guarantees that right for everyone Kevin, not just for the groups..."
Great stuff. Check out the rest of this jaw dropping lunacy from Hermening in the audio clip:

Hermening's insistence on permits, and getting the target of the protest to okay dissent, leaves out one important point: What happens when the administration decides, like Hermening did here, that they're "sick and tired and fed up with the behavior of the protesters" and refuse the permit?  

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