Friday, August 16, 2013

Michigan wipes out two school districts in Michigan to make room for private Charters to fill void. How easy was that?

Hand it to Gov. Rick Snyder, he’s making short work of school privatization in Michigan. Why go through the gentle "choice" expansions opposed by the public, when you can leave parents high and dry and desperate for whatever they can get…like a private charter school. This was the headline at the Huffington Post:
Buena Vista School District, Inkster School District Closings Strand Michigan Students, Teachers
Didn't anyone see this coming?
In June, Gov. Rick Snyder (R) signed a law that dramatically accelerated the process that dissolves school districts in deep financial distress. 
The hard work of fixing problems is not something freeloading taxpayer supported Republicans politicians want dealing with. Isn't it enough they show up at their "jobs?" 

The Daily Kos reported this:
Charter schools, like those represented by American Charter Education Services, are using the dissolution as an opportunity to recruit more students before the beginning of the school year. This Thursday, the group will organize a meeting at which parents can enroll their children in local charters...

So far, about 15 charter schools have confirmed their participation in the meeting. "We want to let the parents know that they have a choice and don't have to stand by and have their kids shipped away to the new boundaries," said Josh Coggins, the group's CEO. Of course, that's a choice engineered in part by an anti-public education, pro-charter governor: send your kid to another town, or go charter. It's almost exactly like destroying public education was the game plan all along.

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