Saturday, August 10, 2013

Is the Media trying to make Health Care Marketplaces confusing? Ya Think?

Confusion reins as clueless business whiners continue to get the ear of the media and their clueless reporters.

That's been the problem all along, reporters don't care to know the facts or care to ask the right questions about Obamacare. There are real questions to ask, like how up-to-date can a person or family be in reporting their income if they work on a commission? But instead, media plays up the myths and stupidity of business owners too lazy to read up on the details.

Take this ridiculous article in today's paper from the AP. I won't go to far into the mind numbing details:

Small companies fear they will have to cut coverage

Funny thing though, small companies have been cutting coverage for years, last decade or two. The increases of 20 percent mentioned in the article ain't nothin' folks, I had increases topping off at 32 percent almost every year my family was insured. And even more infuriating were the business owners in the story who complained about their insurer threatening to raise their premiums a year from now, by over 20 percent. Am I missing something? Tell them to go to hell, you'll take your business elsewhere. How do these people manage their money anyway?

That's why the reasons listed above are so misleading. Small businesses under 25 get major subsidies from ObamaCare, yet the conservative jackass business owner interviewed by Greta Van Susteren, who had only 10 employees complained about how much it'll cost him, not to mention the "threats" by his insurer to raise premiums 25 to 40 percent. He even complained about the insurance tax that doesn't affect him, just the insurance company. He said he wants a payback and break...and that's what he would be getting if he just did a little reading:

Here's what this lazy business man doesn't care to know:
Starting in 2014, the tax credit is worth up to 50% of your contribution toward employee premium costs (up to 35% for tax-exempt employers). This will make the cost of providing health coverage lower.

Beginning in 2014, the small business health care tax credit is available only if you get coverage through SHOP.
And if you're a business under 50, but adding up to 20 employees, you get a first year exemption on the new employees. a kind of grace period to encourage hiring. Make sense? Odd how that works.

WISC recently covered the new exchanges and the insurers trying to get the message out:

Dabble around at for awhile, you might learn something.

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