Sunday, August 25, 2013

Let's completely redo our state boundaries based on conservative rural voters and liberal city dwellers, or by population.

Republicans in Colorado don't like the way liberals in the "north" are running the state, basically ignoring the rural areas, so they're proposing to break the state in two, like oh the North & South revisited. 

I guess we could say the same for the Scott Walker Authority, who is running the state like one big cow pasture, ignoring the densely populated areas known as "cities." Disliked by conservatives everywhere, these massive state revenue pits are populated by liberals. My new north/south map looks something like this:

But I thought the following idea deserves a bit more attention than my feeble attempt, and probably has a little more research backing it up:
Fakeisthenewreal: Urban planner/artist Neil Freeman drew a great map of what that would look like.
Electoral Reform Map

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