Sunday, August 18, 2013

David Blaska supports Freeloading Republicans copying and pasting legislation from corporate mouthpiece ALEC.

Tongue in cheek, the conservative blustery blowhard and know-it-all David Blaska takes a cheap and ridiculously clueless shot at Democrats criticism of business lobbyist ALEC. He’s pretending ALEC is a tribute to “Tom Jefferson,” and not really an easy way for Republicans to sit on their fat asses and look like they’re doing something for their taxpayer supported careers.

It’s guys like Blaska who just keeps dumbing down the discourse with insulting attempts at humor:
Breaking news: Scott Walker, Robin Vos, and a guy named ALEC are conservative: If you haven’t already guessed, that makes ALEC evil! EVIL! There’s no mystery to the American Legislative Exchange Council. Nor does it take an intrepid Woodward, Bernstein & Taylor to penetrate the wall of secrecy — because there is none. ALEC has a website. It posts its model legislation online. It says upfront that the organization is dedicated to limited government (thank you, Tom Jefferson), free markets (boo to tariffs), and federalism. That’s a clue, liberals.
Blaska blusters on and on about the virtues of just copying, pasting and voting on the same legislation used in every other state. That makes Wisconsin so unique, doesn't it? ALEC is just spreading good ideas to our legislators, who happen to be our public servants. Heck, when asked who wrote the mining legislation, they didn't even know (though they actually did):
Does it make sense that legislators might share best practices? If an idea is working in one state might it be recommended to other states? If liberals do not have an equivalent organization, then why don’t they?
Democrats don’t have an ALEC because they like to think, create and solve problems with legislation that's unique to Wisconsin. Blaska's defense of Republican freeloading is a rare moment of honesty. And what is In Business doing, giving this guy his own little street corner to rant and shout his scurrilous obscenities. 

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