Sunday, August 11, 2013

Walker can still pick 'em! What is it about his gallery of rogues? You'd think this would be a big issue.

Is anyone really surprised that the Walker administration, behind the scenes, hates the Hispanic community? This is what they really say behind closed doors, which when revealed isn't a big vote getter. From jsonline's Dan Bice:
In a stunning online rant, a top Gov. Scott Walker official likened illegal immigrants to Satan during a Facebook debate over a bumper sticker declaring open season on foreigners … "You may see Jesus when you look at them," Steven Krieser, assistant deputy secretary at the state Department of Transportation, wrote Tuesday regarding illegal immigrants. "I see Satan." Krieser wrote that a "stream of wretched criminals" is crossing the border without obstruction. These individuals, he said, "completely ruined" entire states and industries, breeding "the animus that many American citizens feel toward them." Walker fired Krieser.
But Krieser didn't get fired for doing this at the state DOT?
He had been paid $96,628 a year as the No. 3 official at DOT. In 2011, he sent a memo to Division of Motor Vehicles employees saying they should not voluntarily tell state residents that they can obtain a voter identification card for free. Krieser distributed the memo after lawmakers passed a law requiring state residents to present identification before they can vote.
Walker didn't have the time or the desire to comment himself, staying as far away as possible so close to his reelection. It's not good when one of his hand picked racists goes off script:
"These comments are repugnant, completely unacceptable, and have no place in Governor Walker's administration," said Tom Evenson, spokesman for Walker. "Governor Walker condemns his views, and they do not represent the governor or his administration in any way."
Isn't it something few question Walker's bad judgement picking people in each of his administrations. There's certainly something he likes about these eventual crooks, bigots and racists. A character trait he  can identify with?

Krieser was only repeating he and others always say in backrooms, because that’s the real Republican attitude toward immigration. Ryan packages his bias under a multi-step plan he knows full well will never result in a path to citizenship or reform.

Even though no apology was necessary, since we already know Krieser’s position, he just couldn't resist making it worse:
Krieser reluctantly apologized, explaining that he had used "a poor choice of words." He eventually said he was sorry for what he said. "If I had it to do over, I would not have put it up," Krieser said. "I certainly didn't mean any offense."
That helped? Get a load of this explanation from Republican Party BS’er Brian Schimming on WKOW TV. To Schimming, no one will remember or care how Republicans really feel about immigrants. And Schimming's got Hispanic friends too, so...move along, nothing to see here:

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