Thursday, August 15, 2013

Wise Ass and serial "blame game" whiner Robin Voss sneers at Civility. We must have Discipline.

Vos has again reached into his snot nosed, big bag of authoritarian overreach, and pulled out the usual stuff. Surprise, this popcorn genius luckily knows more about law enforcement than the Milwaukee’s police chief. Wouldn't you know it, Vos drags out the usual failed costly zero tolerance policies and mandatory minimum sentences again.
jsonline: "I am discouraged by the recent choices made by city leaders to engage in press release politics after a recent surge in gun violence in the city. they also passed the buck by calling for more firearm laws and a half a million dollars to pay for overtime for police. It's easy to place the blame on others and come to the state with your hat in hand." 
And hearsay stories from, who knows, disgruntled former Dirty Harry officers who missed their chance to smashed a few heads?
"In recent days, I have had several former police officers contact my office to complain about the city's law enforcement philosophy. What many believe is needed is an aggressive approach to policing that mirrors what's called 'The Broken Windows Theory of Policing' by criminologist George Kelling." 
You have to wonder who Vos thinks he's serving with this petty crackdown:
"It's a zero-tolerance approach to minor crimes to help prevent the more serious crimes from even occurring. I support establishing a three-year mandatory minimum sentence for individuals convicted of a felony violation of a firearms law." 
There goes the budget again. In the next breath, Vos sounds almost Democratic. Get a load of these solutions I bet Vos would find appalling if Police Chief Flynn would have suggested them: 
It's time to admit the violence in Milwaukee is a multifaceted problem, one that won't be solved overnight. State legislators are doing our part by expanding educational choice for students, providing more dollars for public education, increasing funding for job training and other community programs. 

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