Monday, August 12, 2013

Does Two Thirds of Walker's Campaign funding from out-of-state reflect the will of the people? Didn't think so.

Remember when Scott Walker dismissed the hundreds of thousands of protesters as “out-of-staters” trying to influence our government enough to defy the will of the people? It was a lie of course.

Back at ya’ Scott! What does it mean when two thirds of your money is pouring in from “out-of-staters,” Would it be used to usurp the will of the people living here maybe?

Walker’s reelection has nothing to do with the people of Wisconsin, and everything to do with the people and corporations outside the state. What would warrant so much spending, and what would they want in return? Does Walker even have to listen to Wisconsinites?
Brookfield Patch: Bill Lueders of the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism: Most of the money now pouring money into Walker’s gubernatorial campaign coffers comes from people who live in other states, the latest campaign finance filings show. Of the $3.5 million received by the Republican governor in the first six months of this year, nearly $2 million came from out of state. This continues a trend that began when Walker first announced sweeping changes to the collective bargaining power of most public employees, prompting historic protests and an unsuccessful recall attempt.

Consider: When Walker was first elected in 2010, he raised and spent about $11 million. Of this, less than 10 percent came from donors in other states, according to the state Government Accountability Board’s online database.

Between Feb. 12, 2011 —  the day after Walker’s announcement — and June 6, 2012 — the day after the recall election — his campaign took in $35.9 million. Of this amount, $21 million, or 59 percent, came from outside Wisconsin.

And of the $6.9 million Walker has raised since the recall, nearly two-thirds flowed from out of state. 
About those supposed out-of state protesters...
Walker deputy campaign manager Jonathan Wetzel, asked about the high level of out-of-state contributions, replied via email: “We’re grateful for the enormous grassroots support the campaign has received to help Gov. Walker continue to move Wisconsin forward.”
What an answer. Can you believe the balls of this administration?

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