Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Authoritarian Reince Priebus wants to: "...protect our party and our candidates from networks not in the business of promoting our party...!" Like Fox News?

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus has had enough. NBC and CNN just aren't in the "business," like Fox News is, of promoting their party and candidates. You've got to hand it to Priebus for his honesty.

In fact, in this interview with Sean Hannity, Priebus is still hurting over the embarrassing and laughable 2012 presidential debates. True to conservative form, Priebus shifts the blame to the networks for just showing those bickering knuckleheads for what they are:
Priebus: "Look, in 20...in...in...a couple of years ago, we had a 23 debate traveling circus, and I think its time we cut out those people..."
Of course, the irony is lost on Priebus, who's now arguing over Hillary movies on NBC and CNN. Wasn't it the Republicans who won the right for networks to show candidate films during an election? And yet Reince can't muster the limited amount of intelligence to connect the dots:
Priebus: "Remember the outrage, ah, the Citizens United, ah....the Citizens United film, when they went forward? And all the liberals were up in arms about Citizens United...well where are they now?"
Uh, Reince, liberals lost that one in court. Political films, hit jobs or puff pieces, are now considered acceptable forms of free speech. And where are they now? Liberals are writing bills to overturn Citizens United.

To this day I still marvel at just how stupid Sean Hannity really is. Such partisan cluelessness is revealed in almost every leading question he asks. So besides seeing the surreal likes of Rick Perry and Herman Cain leading the nominee pack for a few weeks, who can forget the many very uncomfortable and outrageous answers given by the candidates themselves. Their comments are now being blamed on the liberal media:
Hannity: "In 2012, you had all these liberal networks, with Republican primary candidates, pitting one against the other, asking wedge question issues that then would later be used by the Democratic candidate...in this case against Mitt Romney. Am I wrong?"  
In a word, yes. I just loved that question. Poor candidates, having to answer those lousy wedge issue questions that end up being laws pushed by Republicans. Who'd want to know that stuff?

Finally, the ultimate in authoritarian behavior, as Reince unabashedly lays out his plan of deception and control:
Priebus: "The party needs to control the debates, and we need to make sure we've got rules in place...so our candidates can have reasonable exchanges. The problem is now, we have moderators who are in the business of making news, at the expense of our party and our candidates. We can't do it anymore."
Another classic Priebus whine:
Priebus: "And they pushed these candidates into positions in ridiculous hypothetical's that are never going to be reality. All they do is have a slice and dice each other for an entire year...we have to control the referees we bring in to our playground." 
Poor independent and rugged conservative individuals. Whine, whine, whine.

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