Sunday, August 25, 2013

Rep. Robin Vos can't make case for growing list of voter suppression ideas.

Voter suppression artist Republican Rep. Robin Vos is pretty sure he can do away with poll worker errors, all of them. But if not, well...someone's gonna lose their vote. These are the kind of "tough decisions" out "leaders" must make for us, especially those wayward adults who just can't make it without big government Republican guidance.

When you hear "leadership," run the other way, it means Republicans are going to pass more laws opposed by their constituents.

So, from the same guys who brought us the trouble and bumbled WEDC, comes a new perfect, error free election system that "protects" our vote. Can't wait?

On WKOW's Capitol City Sunday, Greg Neumann mentioned to Vos that many of the election solutions being proposed, are based on anecdotal evidence.  Nuemann pressed Vos for any strong data proving fraud is taking place:
Vos: "Well I believe it is, and once again a lot of what happens in the world is anecdotal."
Huh? He really did say that? But the following really stuck out as one big lie:
Vos: "...when they look at prosecutors, they have a lot of priorities. They're not going to go out looking for example for voter fraud,  because they have to prosecute people who commit crimes..."
Nuemann's next guest, United Wisconsin 's Lisa Subeck, corrected Vos by pointing out how JB Van Hollen set up a voter fraud task force. They don't have time Robin? You can see that near the end of the video:

What gets me about this sneering smart ass, is that Vos uses what I call the "Beaver Cleaver" take. I grew up watching the Beav, and as he got older he never seemed to lose those goofy little boy facial expressions, when he really should have. To illustrate, here's a group of Vos looks, from the nose scrunch to the concerned but innocent eye squint. Just a little bit condescending, ya think?

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