Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Sen. Vinehout says Jackson County Fair goers response: "Corporations are not people." Company Employees and CEO's getting two votes.

Sen. Kathleen Vinehout is still kicking around a run again for governor, but in the meantime, has been trying to find out how people feel about "corporations are people, my friend," and the Citizens United decision. I thought this opening section was encouraging, and may even help me sleep tonight. She does commentary at Uppity Wisconsin, so check out the rest of here.
Sen. K. Vinehout: “Corporations are not people,” the Black River Falls woman told me.
“People in corporations already get a vote and a chance to speak out just like the rest of us. Giving corporations a vote and a chance to speak out means those people are getting two votes. That’s not fair.”

That statement summarized the opinion of three quarters of the fairgoers in Jackson County who chose to stop and vote on the statement “corporations are people.”

“We should amend the constitution to limit money in politics” garnered support from nearly 9 in 10 participants in the voluntary poll. A nearly unanimous 98% of fairgoers voting in the poll agreed with the statement “Every citizen should be encouraged to vote.”

Although unscientific, the poll does reflect attitudes across the United States related to the 2010 Citizens United Supreme Court decision.

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