Sunday, August 18, 2013

Republicans appalled Snooty Madison tops Nation for Educated Young Adult's. More defunding on the way?

The rub on college towns is that their youthful inhabitants, influenced by all that parental encouragement that they can do anything if they try, are naive and just don't know enough to be taken seriously. It's so bad that Republicans even think these college idealists (the horrors of having hopes and dreams) aren't really qualified enough to vote.

So it should come as no surprise liberal Madison's young adults are sitting at the top of the chart as the most educated in the nation. Pathetic. I suppose they'll want big fat salaries and entitlements now.
WSJ: Report: Madison's young adult population most educated in the nation: Madison
Out-of-state protesters show up at Capitol?
has the highest percentage in the nation of 18-24-year-old's with bachelor’s degrees or higher, according to a recent study.

Having the flagship campus of the University of Wisconsin System in town probably is a big reason ... In a review of data by, under its heading of Most Learned Citizenry, it said this: "One can learn anywhere, including by example. The following cities have the most highly educated citizens, who can promote positive habits among and lend words of wisdom to the next generation."
More of that egg heady "hope and change" clap trap I suppose. Well, just wait till their dreams are crushed by the new austere and economically divided world, then they'll change their minds.
Information in the report was taken from the U.S. Census Bureau, the National Center for Education Statistics, the Institute for Museum and Library Services,,,, and US News.

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  1. Huh? So you're telling me smart young people want to live in progressive communities that value quality of life? Imagine that!

    And a whole lot of them grew up in conservative communities, and they aren't coming back. Dane County continues to add more residents than any other county in Wisconsin. Deal with it, WisGOP