Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Walker scrambles to explain revisionist Jobs Promise! The Truth: Job growth due to Recovering Economy, Slowed by Walker Blunders and Failed Ideology.

It’s a lesson for the media; ask one or two follow-up questions about empty promises or nonsensical statements, and Republicans like Scott Walker stumble all over themselves trying to fix the un-fixable.

Even worse, or actually better from my standpoint, it’s now forced Walker to double down.

Its official, Scott Walker’s sticking with his promise of 250,000 jobs because he believes the corporate thieves who are telling him what he wants to hear.
jsonline: Gov. Scott Walker said Wednesday that nothing has changed in terms of his promise that the state would add 250,000 private sector jobs by the end of his four-year term. Walker was reacting to critics, including the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, who say he had abandoned his campaign pledge in 2010.  "We haven't changed our stance." "And that's why we have a big, bold aggressive goal," he said.
Goal? Oops, there he goes again, backing away from his promise.

The jobs created in this state so far are jobs that would have normally been created anyway with the economic recovery, no thanks to Walker and his legislative pirates.

But it would be foolish not stress even more (1) Walker’s bad choice of appointees, (2) the complete mismanagement of the WEDC, (3) massive transportation borrowing due to their pledge not to raise taxes (or fees) ever, (4) favoritism for their fossil fuel addiction over the emerging green energy industry, (5) Medicaid debacle that turned away our own federal dollars, (6) high speed rail flub costing taxpayer tens of millions for track and train upgrades...I could go on. We’re really a downturn away from everything collapsing again. 

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