Friday, August 16, 2013

The Walker Black List is Official, Nominates student regent not on his Recall List! Skips guy who started two businesses and promotes the entrepreneurial spirit.

(To start, this is not a slam on the student himself nominated by Walker to be a regent.)

Appearances are no longer a concern for an arrogant Republican governor like Scott Walker, who's made it clear his citizen black lists will be used to punish the resistance. 

For a governor concerned about jobs and business, he went with a snowmobile club member, instead of his first choice, a student who has already started two businesses and is a member of the Pioneer Launch Lab for young entrepreneurs. Good play Scotty.  
jsonline: Gov. Scott Walker on Friday appointed a University of Wisconsin-Platteville student to the UW System Board of Regents after earlier this summer yanking another student's appointment because he didn't disclose that he signed a petition seeking the governor's recall two years ago.

Chad Landes, a UW-Platteville student majoring in animal science, will get the seat that the governor initially promised to Joshua Inglett, a UW-Platteville engineering physics student. Inglett had signed the recall petition as an 18-year-old freshman. Inglett is pursuing a double minor in mathematics and business administration. He's a member of the Pioneer Launch Lab for young entrepreneurs, and the founder of two businesses: one related to travel packages for large groups, and one that produces OEM computers and develops and tests proprietary software, according to his résumé.
Who cares about business and entrepreneurs, snowmobiles, "spirit" and volunteerism are really more important traits under Walker. The Walker Black List is official:

Walker said Landes' "strong spirit of service and volunteerism makes him a great fit for the Board of Regents."


  1. Thank you for being the ONLY blogger to pick up on this. Scott Walker's withdrawal of the appointment of Josh Inglett for signing the recall petition legitimizes the rampant discrimination against over 1 million Wisconsin citizens who signed recall petitions. The message to employers across Wisconsin is clear: If you support me, you must not hire anyone who has signed the recall petition in 2012. Chilling.

    Scott Walker's LEGITIMIZATION of the Wisconsin Blacklist condemns tens of thousands of college students who signed the recall petitions to permanent unemployment in Wisconsin. We all know that many Wisconsin business owners have said that the first thing they check when screening resumes is whether the applicant signed a Walker recall petition.

    I hope the employment counselors at all Wisconsin colleges and universities are informing their graduates that, if they signed a Walker recall petition, they have NO chance of securing employment in Wisconsin upon graduation.

    Scott Walker's actions here prove that the #1 goal of his administration is to enforce a higher level of ideological purity in Wisconsin by relegating anyone who opposes his regime to third class citizen status-unemployable except for menial, low wage jobs.

  2. Thank you, I wish others would pin this black list tail on the jackass.