Friday, August 30, 2013

Romney loss ends 47 percent reign of freeloading terror. Lazy low wage tax dodgers now part of 43 percenters.

A number we knew would climb under a Mitt Romney presidency is falling now, thanks to Pres. Obama. 
The famous “47 percent” are now down to 43 percent: Remember that moment in the 2012 campaign when Mitt Romney was caught on tape lamenting the fact that “Forty-seven percent of Americans pay no income tax”? Sure you do.

Well, it turns out that stat needs updating. The Tax Policy Center reports that the 47 percent is now down to 43 percent, as more and more households paid income tax in 2013:
The Tax Policy Center chalks the change over the past few years up to the improving economy, (slowly) rising incomes, and the expiration of various stimulus-era tax cuts. Those all add up to more people getting hit with income taxes. If current trends hold, the number of households that don’t pay income tax is expected to fall to 34 percent by 2024.