Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Real Scott Walker Record could be Troublesome for another term as governor.

Sen. Kathleen Vinehout posted another wonkish and detailed breakdown of Scott Walker myths at Uppity Wisconsin. I simplified it to the point that even my conservative friend in Milwaukee could understand. Liberals, progressives and Democrats can simply check out the whole explanation at Uppity, but for a quick bare-bones look, here's what I came up with from our potential candidate for governor:
Sen. K. Vinehout: “The State is spending less.” “This budget took a deficit and turned it
into a surplus.” “Wisconsin has paid off its debt.” Which of these are true statements regarding the new state budget?

The answer is NONE of the above.

The State is spending less: The nonpartisan Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance … the 2013-15 budget spends $4 billion more than the previous. In fact, state spending is greater than it has ever been in Wisconsin’s history. 

Deficit to a Surplus: the recently passed budget spends more than it is projected to collect in revenue. A recent report from the LFB pegs this deficit at the end of the 2015-2017 budget at MINUS $545 million.

The third myth says the state eliminated the debt. This is false. In fact, state debt reaches record levels in the 2013-15 budget. Debt is borrowing and must be paid back. New borrowing only adds to the debt. As a result state debt reaches an all-time high of $14.7 billion - or about 101% of general tax revenue.
There are so many other is just one, but that's for another time.

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