Thursday, August 8, 2013

Democrats disrupt Republican Town Hall with facts and Intelligence.

Can you imagine what would happen if Democrats, liberals and progressives showed up at town hall's all over the country, adding a little intelligent debate to the numbskull teabilly crowd showing up?

It happened once, and it's inspiring:
Occupyamerica: Rep. Rick Crawford (R-AR) ends a Town Hall meeting in 2011 after tough questions from the audience about jobs, and the Republican proposed tax plan that strongly favored the wealthy.

Here's what I would call a great idea:
Here's your chance to take part and push back! Progressive activists plan to turn up the heat on Republican lawmakers at their town hall meetings during the August recess with questions for them on issues such as Obamacare and immigration reform.

Americans United for Change will send representatives to Republican town halls mainly in swing states, but also in red states as the group tries to go after Republicans … The group recently launched Accountable Congress, giving those who want to participate information and tools about when and where GOP senators and House members will be speaking while on recess, complete with talking points on a variety of issues from immigration to gun violence.

Woodhouse says he hopes activists will engage with the lawmakers, ask tough questions, and report the results, so that Americans United can share the outcomes. They also plan to have daily conference calls to coordinate strategies with activists.

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