Wednesday, August 21, 2013

DNR Research and Science takes back seat to Business "Priorities."

Political Environment posted a DNR memo that explains a lot about how wrong Republicans are as the chosen stewards of a state known for its grand country sides, lakes and tourism. 

The state’s only purpose now is to server corporate interests, and the DNR "Leadership Team," at the expense of everything else.
From: Lamers, Holly J - DNR On Behalf Of Stepp, Cathy L - DNR Dear Colleagues, On behalf of the Department Leadership Team …The Division of Enforcement and Science will be eliminated as a Division and its component parts … Aligning Science Services as a direct report to the Secretary’s Office will have the following benefits: 
•  Ensures research reflects the Department’s priorities... 
“Research reflects the Department’s priorities?” Pretty amazing stuff. Since when is science just a “reflection?” Stepp’s DNR isn’t hiding anything, and frighteningly enough, voter complacency is allowing them to get away with it. These little phrases unintentionally expose their real intentions, and are treasure troves of potential abuse.

And judging by the overwhelming opposition to mining in the north woods, if a recent listening session is any indicator, just the idea of “public input” is really nothing more than a cruel joke. Anyone think the DNR will stop Gogebic’s plan for the iron ore mine based on the area's opposition?

Provides a broader perspective on agency research needs (e.g., fish, wildlife, environmental quality) and an opportunity for broader public input.

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