Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Dumb Ron Johnson's Jihab on the Environment.

Let me see now, if we disagree with Republicans on their lose and dangerous environmental policies, we’re jihadists, right? And jihad relates to terrorism, meaning liberals concerned over clean water and air are terrorists, the enemy.
(Dumb) Ron Johnson coined a new term to describe the push for climate change action: "environmental jihad."
Jihad is a noun meaning to "struggle." But to Johnson, it means flying planes into buildings. These are flying scientific research into the walls of erected by big oil:
environmental jihadists
“The League of Conservation Voters is one of the many attack dog groups used by President Obama, the Democrats and the extreme left to weaken, defeat and silence conservatives," Johnson wrote in the email. "They use TV ads -- filled with smears -- because they work. They are an extreme left group on an environmental jihad."
I guess Dumb Ron Johnson was referring to the following "extremist statement" by the League of Conservation Voters. How dare they disagree:
"The American people are tired of Washington politicians ignoring basic scientific facts and standing in the way of action on climate change. This ad campaign shows that members of Congress won’t be able to sweep their extreme, anti-science voting records under the rug."
Wow, that crazy science stuff is sure left wing lunacy bordering on environmental jihad. 

Johnson’s own “jihad” (his flying planes into buildings version) against a clean environment is based not on science, but a meaningless and almost forgotten conservative talking point; job creation.

Remember that?

Of course changing from the harmful life shortening effects of fossil fuels, to the emerging, clean job creating green energy industry is sheer liberal terrorism. It's clear Johnson’s got the upper hand when he reveals why this is liberal madness (which has nothing to do with his $100,000 of campaign donations):
The Wisconsin Republican once said climate change was caused by "sunspot activity," and likened President Barack Obama's green energy proposals to the policies of the Soviet Union and Cuba.

He really said that. Two perfectly good reasons job creation trounces liberal jihadist fear mongering based on scary science.


  1. Goes right along with my brother calling unions economic terrorists

  2. I have my own term for people like Mr. Johnson's referring to those seeking to fight climate change 'economic jihadists' and it's;

    "Wait… what... huh?"