Thursday, August 29, 2013

Walker called out as Phony: Sen. Mike Ellis says he’s no Free Enterprise Republican.

If you’re on the Republican Party’s business sh*t list, don’t even try starting or bringing your business to Wisconsin.

The Walker Authority has again decided to pick winners and losers with their lack of support for a Kenosha Casino. 

Sen. Mike Ellis finds that a bit contradictory for our “open for business” governor:
jsonline: Senate President Mike Ellis on Wednesday questioned Gov. Scott Walker's plans for deciding whether to approve a Kenosha casino, signaling he viewed one of Walker's standards as anti-free market.
You see, it’s all in Walker’s court right now, and he’s slowwwww walking this one. With a set of completely arbitrary rules to make it impossible to work, Walker’s trying to hide from this one:
Walker, who now has the lone say on approving the Menominee Indian casino at a former greyhound track, has said he would approve the facility only if there is consensus among the state's 11 tribes. That appears unlikely…
So what is Mike Ellis supposed to think?
"This seems to me to be counter to the concept of free enterprise," Ellis (R-Neenah) said of Walker's policy. He said Walker's criteria would be like requiring Home Depot to get approval from Menards and other competitors to build a new store. Casinos are no different from any other type of business, Ellis said. "Are we going to start saying we can only have so many gas stations?" Ellis said. "Are we going to start saying we can only have so many hardware stores?"

Walker has said he has three standards for considering any new casino. The new gambling venue must result in "no new net gaming" in the state, must have community support and must have the approval of all the state's other tribes. Walker plans to begin soon a 60-day period to gather comments from the tribes.
Like when he listened to them about the iron mine? Let’s just be honest; Walker said no. Here's WKOW's coverage: 

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