Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Democratically run Minnesota kicking Wisconsin's ass on jobs.

When I took a look at Jake’s Economic TA Funhouse's breakdown of Scott Walker's jobs numbers, I noticed something interesting about our neighbor to the west and south, Minnesota and Illinois.

Jake compared Walker’s Wisconsin to the other Midwestern states:
Wisconsin's 2,000 job gain in July (1,800 in the private sector) was the lowest in the Midwest, and it 6th out of 7 in the region when it comes to job growth in the last 2 months, regardless of what measure you use.
It's that simple really. We should be comparing Wisconsin to Democratically controlled Minnesota and Illinois. Sure each state has their problems, but not on the job creation/taxation front. Where Minnesota raised taxes on the wealthy, and Illinois raise the corporate tax, Wisconsin didn't. Here's what happened:
Midwest job growth, all jobs July '12-July ‘13: Minn +55,000, Ill. +55,500, compared to Wis. +25,800.

Midwest job growth %, all jobs July ‘12-July ’13: Minn +2.02%,   Ill. +0.97%,   Wis. +0.93%. 

Midwest job growth %, private sector, July ‘12- July ’13: Minn +1.91%,   Ill. +1.26%,   Wis. +1.18%.  
Interesting? Jake summed up Scott Walker like this:
This guy's such a paper tiger. Time to start poking a whole lotta holes in him. C'mon DPW, run some ads and TELL PEOPLE THE FACTS. NOW.

Isn't it time Democrats never stop talking about Scott Walker's jobs record? Scott Walker is laying out his vision and leading. And we're expected to follow him there?

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