Sunday, August 11, 2013

Dumb Ron Johnson the Great Compromiser? What an insight by Milwaukee Magazine.

The media can’t be serious about Dumb Ron Johnson? Johnson the compromiser? 

How much longer do we have to watch this accident? Johnson comes from a wave of horrible accountants who decided to get into government and save us all with their magical numbers. 

The Media, where Legends are created: Dumb Ron Johnson from day one has been in a breathless panic over everything. Despite cutting the deficit in half, Obama just doesn't see the same disaster Dumb Ron Johnson sees. But a compromiser? Only if we see it his way: 
Dumb Ron Johnson defined the problem
here a while ago.
Milwaukee Mag: "...he was in the first group of 12 Republican senators invited to discuss fiscal issues over dinner with President Barack Obama. Then, Johnson says, he took over “leading the effort to define the problem,” trying to come up with numbers that all sides could agree to use as the basis of a long-term budget deal.

The idea of Johnson forging compromises across ideological lines seems jarringly out of step with his hard-right public image. This is, after all, the Ron Johnson who entered politics by speaking at a Tea Party rally, who owns one of the most conservative voting records in the Senate, and who lumped Democrats and liberals with Marxists and Socialists. 
This is, after all, why Milwaukee Magazine is wrong, oh so very wrong. No one except Johnson will ever see the supposed logic of his upside down numbers. Johnson is like all the other tea party Republicans, they want to break promises and half century long social contracts. That'll teach you to believe in government by the people:
LeaderTelegram: As he sees it, the federal government has made promises in terms of Medicare and Social Security that it won’t be able to pay for over the next 30 years as a generation of baby boomers enter retirement and old age. “The only way you’re going to work toward real solutions is to honestly look at how big the problem is, and that puts everything on the table,” he said.
And the problem isn't with deregulation, Wall Street abuses, trade and off shoring jobs policies, the wage disparity, money in's our retirement programs. Got it.

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