Monday, May 6, 2013

Walker: "We're the Party of a Higher Moral Authority!!!" Heil?

Scott Walker seems to think insulting people with exclusionary comments will slip by unnoticed?Thanks to the Wisconsin Reporter’s, he didn't get away with it.

Insulting? Our delusional governor told a crowd that they have a “higher moral authority.” We heard a lot of that kind of stuff in Europe some time back. Insulting…you bet.
Because its done so well since the color change...?
Walker received a standing ovation for his speech in which he explained his reasons for declining Medicaid expansion in Wisconsin and laid out his philosophy on governance. “We’re the party of a higher moral authority,” Walker said. “We are the party that emboldens the American Dream.”
That’s a complete lie, since progressive Democratic policy brought about change. FDR, Kennedy, and Johnson made major advances. Under Democrats, the American Dream flourished, jobs grew, suicide rates and deficits declined...

The difference between the parties is this: Republicans need “national leaders,” like the ones you see in old movies. Democrats...don’t. The idea of a “national leader” is also a bit unsettling:
Reince Priebus said it’s clear that his old friends Walker and Ryan are “national leaders.  People look to Scott and Paul really for a lot of clues and signs as to where t
he party is going,” he said. “They’re leaders.”
Reince even believes his own BS about Obama and the Democrats campaigning all the time. I wish:
Reince Priebus told the party faithful in Wisconsin Saturday
“When we talk about the growth and opportunity plan, we’re talking about being a permanent party, a party that understands we’re in permanent politics all the time. The other side is engaged in a permanent, across-the-board campaign that started five years ago and never ended….We are becoming a granular, coast-to coast-operation that will go toe-to-toe and surpass our opponents,” said Priebus.
As depressing as these guys sound, the following consecutive comments were encouraging:
Paul: It would seem that the GOP establishment is more concerned with defining a national strategy than in defining its values. If Walker and Ryan are the future of the Republican Party, then the GOP doesn't have much of a future to offer to most grassroots supporters who want smaller, limited government. Austerity is not bringing jobs to Wisconsin, and it will not bring more people into the Republican fold. Personally, I'm no longer buying what the GOP is selling, and I doubt that a majority of Americans will either. 

Roy: Paul, you never did "buy what the GOP is selling". You infer Walker and Ryan do not want smaller limited government (they do), you state they have nothing to offer to supporters of smaller limited government. Then you state "austerity (less government spending) is not bringing jobs to Wisconsin" (It is) Your post is a jumbled mess of conflicting ideas.

kenvandoren: Walker presented a budget that grows government by $2 Billion, adds to our debt, and adds hundreds of new state employees. I do not call that limited government, smaller government.

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