Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Jack Booted Thug Sheriff David Clarke Gives up Power, Finally.

Authoritarian displays of power are now common place under Scott Walker and Republican legislature. They know they have a lock on power for a long time after successfully gerrymandering districts under a pledge of silence and now have destroyed/erased incriminating evidence from computer hard drives.

What sounds and looks more like a criminal organization, Republicans know their loyal but low information voters will head down any rabbit hole they’re told go, all the while working against their best interest. My conservative best friend is always out of the loop when I mention the big stuff. But he listens to the conservative talk radio filter, with its endless stream of phony outrage countered with conservative perfection

So here we go again with revolutionist Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, whose despotic style of control still amazes me. What are Milwaukee voters thinking?  
jsonline: Late Monday, newly appointed House of Correction Superintendent Michael Hafemann finally got the keys to the joint. Sheriff David Clarke Jr. relinquished control just before midnight  … Clarke had previously refused to allow Hafemann to have access to the Franklin facility or to let any of his staff there discuss operations with him.
Here’s the kicker:
The first couple changes were made almost immediately, said Hafemann. "I eliminated Nutraloaf," a mix of vegetables, beans and biscuit mix that Clarke fed to inmates with discipline problems. He also eliminated a Clarke rule that jailers salute officers every time they cross paths. "I don't need to be saluted every time I'm walking by someone," Hafemann said.
That’s where we’re heading folks. And you'll never guess who had a hand in putting Clarke in charge? 
He plans to reinstate programming curtailed by Clarke, including allowing inmates with work-release privileges out on electronic monitoring bracelets. With support from judges and prosecutors, the County Board agreed to remove Clarke as overseer of the Franklin facility. Clarke shifted 26 correctional officers from Franklin to the downtown jail last week … "He left a skeleton crew down there," Hafemann said of the sheriff.  Clarke ran the lockup … took it over on the request of then-County Executive Scott Walker. 


Anonymous said...

Hey democurmudgeon,

Its great Sheriff's like David Clarke that keep you safe.

Jesus, you idiot liberals are only satisfied when you control all aspects of people's lives. Small wonder the democratic party is losing members, political positions and the support of the people.

Democurmudgeon said...

He's not keeping us safe, he's saying do it yourself. Hmm, how safe were those people that died in jail? He's a poser and authoritarian, someone I'm sure you look up to to keep you safe you frightened loser.

FistoL G said...

The St.Croix County Sheriffs...well is Far better there..you get to order Pizza get a pillow...But if your Black you get the Hale Hitler sigh...and your food spit in and harassed daily.and Charged wit a Felony if you get called Nigga n Fight a Nazi...But yeah Clark beats them all Huh?...