Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Koch's Americans for Prosperity had some pro-mining success in Iron County Board Elections.

Perhaps the Koch brothers influence didn't have the kind of success they had hoped, but they still got a piece of the action. Two actual opponents won:
jsonline: Three of seven candidates for the Iron County Board who were labeled as "anti-mining radicals" by a national political group with ties to industrialists David and Charles Koch were elected in Tuesday's election.

Those identified as mine opponents by Americans for Prosperity who won include: Victor Ouimette, a retired insurance broker and president of the Mercer Chamber of Commerce, who defeated incumbent James Lambert; Brad Matson, who beat incumbent Gerald Luke; and Karl Krall, who defeated incumbent Tom Innes (Krall actually supported the mine, but the Koch's had no clue).

"I have a hard time understanding why the Koch brothers think I am such a threat to their well-being — that they single me out in poor little Iron County?" Ouimette said recently.
Here's a nice summary from just before the election from Big Ed and Ruth Conniff:

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