Monday, April 21, 2014

Walker's Campaign Fund Raising Delay on Casino okay, Obama's XL Keystone Pipeline Delay due to Court Decision...Political?

Funny thing, Wisconsin media didn't even bring up the possibility that Scott Walker’s decision to delay the Kenosha casino until after the election was a ploy to raise campaign funds. Media bias?

Delaying a decision guarantees he doesn't blow anybody off when it comes to raking in huge amounts of tea party cash.   

The Journal Sentinel article even mentioned how the casino has been researched and talked about for the last 10 years, yet Walker said he still needed another super duper study done.

Walker’s Casino Delay vs Obama’s XL Pipeline Delay: Talk about media bias! Let’s compare coverage:
Gov. Scott Walker can wait until after the November gubernatorial election to decide whether the Menominee tribe should be allowed to open a casino in Kenosha, as the federal government Friday gave him an additional six months to decide the controversial issue. Last August, the $800 million casino complex was approved by the U.S. Department of Interior. As a result, Walker — who has unilateral authority to approve or kill the proposal. 

Originally, Walker said he would decide the issue last year but repeatedly broke his self-imposed deadlines.
Looks guilty to me. But stand with Walker voters didn't give the delay a second thought. But Obama’s decision to delay the XL Pipeline? In this case, Obama’s reason for the delay coincided with a real reason:
LA Times: Keystone Delay Caused By Nebraska Court Decision That Invalidates Pipeline Route. On April 18 the Los Angeles Times reported that, according to the State Department, a delay in the Keystone pipeline decision was "necessary" until ongoing litigation over the pipeline's route is resolved. A recent court case in Nebraska "invalidated part of the project's route"
Maybe Obama should act like a king and approve it anyway? For right wing pundits, Obama’s got no way out:
Fox Contributor Karl Rove: "Of Course It Was About Politics. It's All About Politics." During the April 21 edition of Fox News' America's Newsroom, contributor Karl Rove claimed that the Obama administration's decision was based on a political calculation designed to boost campaign donations for Democrats, saying "of course it was about politics. It's all about politics."

Wall Street Journal: "The Real Reason For The Delay Is Democratic Politics."

Fox's Stuart Varney: Delay On Pipeline Is "All Political And It's All About Cash."
Walker's delay gets a pass, and Obama’s delay is for political cash. Got it. 

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  1. What would the hero of America”s conservative news broadcasters do about oligarchy? No, not Ronnie Regan, Vladimir Putin.

    ON JULY 28, 2000, Vladimir Putin gathered the 18 most powerful businessmen in Russia for an unprecedented discussion. This was the beginning of Putin’s campaign to undermine and reduce the power of a group of men who had made titanic fortunes from reforms designed to pave the way for a transformation of the Soviet planned economy into a free market economy. Russian President Vladimir Putin was rewriting the rules again. In no uncertain terms, Putin told Russia’s wealthiest that the jig was up, and he denounced them as creators of a corrupt state.
    And the most vocal went to prison.