Thursday, April 3, 2014

Ryan and the Koch's Ayn Randian Vision turns Fiction into Dystopian Reality.

Paul Ryan and the Koch’s are making it very clear what book they’re reading from, and it ain’t the Bible, or so says the Pope, Bishops and Nuns who have denounced their draconian Oligarchic policies.

What the media is missing when it comes to Ryan and the Koch brothers vision for America, is how closely it resembles the fictional world spewed out in the pages of Ayn Rand novels. Charles Koch's use of the word "collectivists" is one dead giveaway.

WaPo’s Greg Sargent wrote:
CHARLES KOCH FIGHTS BACK: He takes to the pages of the Wall Street Journal to fight back against his critics, insisting he is fighting a freedom war against “collectivists” who would reduce millions “to a life of poverty, dependency, and hopelessness.” He complains critics haven’t tried to ”understand my vision for a free society.” * AND KOCH’S VISION OF A “FREE AND OPEN SOCIETY”: Responding to Charles Koch’s op ed, in which he laments the collectivists’ opposition to “free and open debate,” Jonathan Chait gets to the heart of it:
In the kind of “free and open” debate he imagines, Koch would continue to use his fortune to wield massive political influence, and nobody would ever say anything about him that makes him unhappy. Luckily, Koch restrains himself from overtly comparing the Obama administration to Hitler and Stalin, instead likening it to unnamed 20th century “despots.” No character assassination here!
I liked this comment following the story:
radiobill1125:  If Koch has a "vision" for America why doesn't HE run for office. I have a "vision" too. The difference is I can't afford to sway millions toward my vision.

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