Sunday, April 20, 2014

Walker's Weak Reelection Campaign....

Republicans are very clear about how they're going to attack Democratic challengers in the midterms; blame the former governor. After 3 and half years, they still don't own the anemic results of their last two state budgets?

Unfortunately, Democrats just aren't listening. The response not only would basically dismantle the GOP's entire argument for reelection, but could win over voters.

The media still won't dispute Scott Walker's biggest lie.

Demand that Walker stop blaming the Great Recession and job losses on Doyle/Burke!!! Now or in the very first gubernatorial debate, demand, demand, demand Walker drop the false premise Doyle or Burke had anything to do with the states job losses or controlled the drop in revenues resulting from the Great Recession. Stop it now. Stop blaming everyone else and take responsibility. 

It's not their $1 billion surplus: What have they really done? That surplus is still less than all the cuts to education and budgeting statewide. Even worse, that surplus they like taking credit for came from the general U.S. economy turning around, and that includes Wisconsin's. And yet they're still saying Obama's stimulus and spending cuts were a failure. Amazing.

And with another projected budget deficit staring us in the face, something tells me the Walker tax cuts exceeded our ability to pay our bills. True to form, borrowing and tax cut spending is their idea of a solid economic foundation. How'd that go after the 2000 presidential election when we had projected budget surpluses?

Lousy job creation that goes hand in hand with being near last in business starts doesn't sound like we're headed in the right direction to me, but that's supply side for you.

Walker's Republicans continue to depend on legacy business interests and bygone business models. Again, not only did the Great Recession change business models, but the Affordable Care Act changed the health care model as well. Not noticing both events is a blind spot that will have dangerous consequences in the future. We'll being moving in forward, but in the wrong direction.

All he's got right now is a low unemployment number, but even that requires a behind numbers analysis.

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  1. Weak on ideas - yes. Weak on results - yes. Weak campaign? Not hardly. His campaign and the outside organizations that will spend 10s or millions to help him are already on the airwaves framing the story. And it's a story that will play well with the uninformed and apathetic because they will hear it many more times than anything Mary Burke will put up. Get ready for 4 more years or greed, scapegoating, and reverse Robin Hood.