Friday, April 11, 2014

Scared Scott Walker hopes activist State Supreme Court kills second John Doe Investigation.

Scott Walker is really worried this time. Perhaps we should talk about the second John Doe a little bit more...? Walker's acting like a very guilty man. What's he trying to hide?

I find it almost humorous the way Walker and the Republicans want every challenged law to go straight to their sure bet, the conservative activist State Supreme Court. Come on, it's an open admission they've got a lock on the law there. jsonline:
Remember this award? 
Gov. Scott Walker's campaign Thursday asked the state Supreme Court to take over a case from the Court of Appeals to determine whether prosecutors had the ability to subpoena documents as part of their secret investigation.

The filing is the latest in the legal maneuvers surrounding a long-running John Doe investigation into campaign fundraising and spending in recall elections.

Conservative "legislative" justices have got their colleagues back:
An attorney for Walker's campaign, former U.S. attorney Steven Biskupic, on Thursday asked the state Supreme Court to take the case from the appeals court and decide the matter itself.

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