Friday, April 11, 2014

Walker's Wisconsin back of the pack for Business Creation.

Remember this comment from the pollsters at St. Norbert College:
“57 percent of our respondents think the state is going in the right direction.”
Imagine how many voters will never know how wrong they were. 

They do like their charismatic leaders.

But the jobs picture is even worse now, with the news new business start-ups lag the nation. Wisconsin even had one of the largest decreases in business formation in 2013:
WSJ: Wisconsin has one of the lowest levels of new business starts in the nation, a study shows.

The report by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation in Kansas City ranks Wisconsin, tied with Washington state, fifth from the bottom in entrepreneurship in 2013, with 170 new businesses created for every 100,000 adults. 

Wisconsin also had one of the largest decreases in new business formation last year compared to 2012, with a drop of 0.08 percentage points, for an entrepreneurship index of 0.17 percent in 2013, the study said.
Don't be mislead by Scott Walker's claims of small business creation, which takes into account LLC's. Many individual business owners and small groups start LLC's for liability protection, not because they're new or growing businesses.

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