Sunday, April 13, 2014

Democratic Party Devoid of Imagination and Powerful Populist Message!

My eyes glaze over when I hear Democrats talk about the issues. Why? They seem to be caught in 1990's loop of tired old talking points that honestly don't mean anything any more.

When Mary Burke appeared on WKOW's Capitol City Sunday at 9 am, everybody in our local broadcast area hit the snooze button. My god that campaign needs some help. "As I travel around the state"..."...stand behind their words"...and a grocery list of the same old, same old; the need for an educated public, skills needed for our workforce...blah, blah, blah. That's an exciting fresh attention getting message?

UPDATE: 4/15: Burke noticed business start rating.
Burke didn't even bring up Wisconsin's near last place position nationwide in business creation for gods sake. Has the campaign even picked up a newspaper since the recall? This is a boring rehash of the Barrett "challenge."

The Democratic Party of Wisconsin's Mike Tate lacks the creative juices to even hold a brainstorming session like so many marketing firms. Democrats already have the populist agenda sewn up, but just don't know how to frame it in a way that excites voters. And Democrats need to attack the failed Republican agenda fearlessly, confidently.

Start with our Wallets: Walker is getting incredible mileage out of his empty property tax cuts. That screams "target" to me. What's the benefit of a tax cut when communities everywhere are approving referendums that not only wipe out Walker's cuts but spends more overall? Imagine what would happen if the entire state pitched in to support our schools, a funding reformulation like the one State Sup. Tony Evers came up with, freeing up local community budgets for other things.  

Hold Walker and Business to their Jobs promise: Businesses were gung ho about Walker's right wing small government, no tax agenda. They even promised job creation. Where are the jobs? And if there's a skills shortage, where's the higher wages? Until we see "supply side" job creation work, we need to hold the line on further cuts. 

Regional Business Hubs: A collaborative effort to work with Illinois in the creation of a Midwest regional business hub, tying Chicago to Racine, Kenosha and Milwaukee. Walker's petty pilfering of other state businesses not only pours taxpayer cash into corporate welfare, but ignores the benefits of working together for the benefit of both states and job creation.

Oddly, Kelly Westlund's campaign positions against Rep. Sean Duffy are powerful, fresh and devoid of the meaningless cliches mentioned above. She should be getting more media attention just for her fearless fighting style and clearly framed political positions. See her here on Upfront with Mike Gousha. 


  1. With Mary Burke, we get to see the dystopian future…again. She’s starring in the latest political zombie movie, Blood Moon Wisconsin. Waking up after living in a protective bubble on an island owned by her protective parents, she leaves the island to seek personal independence. We are brought into her story now as she discovers a world run by psychopathic authoritarians, and brain devouring zombies. Wisconsin is presented as rife with human misery, squalor, oppression, disease, and zombie leadership that wants to crowd people into inhumane survival pens and feast off their brain and flesh. Mary tends a blind eye to the zombie carnage, attempting to address them as human, much like her island folk. Mary becomes less than a bump on the zombie ride to power.

  2. Careful now, Mary m8ight win, and then what?

  3. She will adapt the view of her caste that social design is based on taking and conquering instead of sharing and creating.

  4. For quite a while I was anxious to hear more from Mary Burke. Even though I have criticized the process under which she was selected, I have tried to keep an open mind. Now I'm starting to not give a shit.

    I'm obviously not going to vote for Walker unless a gun is held to my head and even then I'd have to think about it for moment. This is apparently what the national Third Wave Democrats are counting on, Progressives as hostages with no place to go. This allows them to run their preferred candidates who are the equivalent of moderate Republicans. If elected, these candidates are guaranteed not to rock the status quo -- see Obama, Cuomo, Emmanuel, Clinton.

    If Burke loses, as I suspect she will, Wisconsin will be faced with another decade or so of rule by the Republican Occupation Government. Progressives could use this time to fiddle around in the Democratic Party, while being routinely outmaneuvered by the boys with the big checkbooks, or start a third party, one with an aggressive agenda that runs candidates in election districts where Democrats or Republicans are unchallenged, or in the low turnout County Board races. How about some Judges? These low turnout elections are just the type where shoe leather campaigning works.

    I would be remiss if I didn't finish by saying - Suck on that, Mike Tate.