Saturday, April 19, 2014

GOP presents "Slipping into the Abyss" agenda.

The conservative clip dump is here. I decided not to do whole stories on the following videos, because they truly do speak for themselves. Rancher Cliven Bundy forever.

This conservative talker shows us how he sees you and me in the future oligarchy:

The right wing attack on voting. It's still hard to believe anyone with a functioning brain would think any of this makes sense:

What is it with Republicans and all their Nazi comparisons. Or the Obama dictatorship:

Drone Hunting? A creation of our national gun crazy mentality. Idiocracy is here:

Louie Gohmert's incredible look at the separation of church and state:

Castration in D.C. by Joni Ernst:


  1. Geeez, do you get all your news and information from msnbc (GE) ?

    Turn off the tv. Read.

  2. Who said I didn't read? Those clips span weeks. Amazing.

  3. Well they still have one faithful (yet asleep) viewer left.

    History, not fiction.