Monday, April 7, 2014

Yes, Republicans will Repeal the Affordable Care Act no matter what. Believe it.

When Scott Walker and the Republican super majority ignored hundreds of thousands of protesters at the Capitol and around the state, I knew we had entered a new more authoritarian political age. It didn't matter 1 million signed up to recall Scott Walker, they still didn't soften the swift passage of their extreme legislation.

With talk of “leadership” and “courage,” Republicans were point blank telling us they were going to make all the decisions for us, whether people agree with them or not. Compromise is a sign of weakness, and they will not raise taxes ever again (except on the poor). They do have the moral high ground remember.

ObamaCare is Goner: After everything I mentioned above, I never understood why Democrats thought the ACA was here to stay, no matter how many people signed up. We even know what the numbers will probably look like in the future:
TPM: These conservatives are confronting the realities of Obamacare, which include roughly 7 million signed up on the exchanges, 3 million new Medicaid enrollees and 3 million young adults on their parent's plan. By 2016, the political cost of repeal will skyrocket as Obamacare is projected to cover 30 million Americans. 
GOP not Hiding Repeal: Despite overt declarations they will repeal the ACA, Democrats believe they won’t. For Republicans, its a matter of principle:
But elected Republicans now face a difficult choice: rescind these benefits or demoralize their right-wing base, which remains animated for total destruction of the health law. And so GOP lawmakers haven't flinched in their quest for repeal as reporters force them to confront the impracticality of undoing Obamacare. "I don't buy that for a second," said House Budget Chair Paul Ryan (R-WI), maintaining that "the architecture of this law is so fundamentally flawed that I think it's going to collapse under its own weight."

See, Republicans will be doing us all big a favor by killing ObamaCare. 

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