Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Kenosha School Board Flips to Conservative, thanks to "Americans for Prosperity" and "American Majority" candidate training.

Thanks to Americans for Prosperity, the Kenosha school board elections got a lot of media coverage. But the day after...nothing? I thought there would be more interest.

I found out there was another group involved, and taking credit for wins in Kenosha and Menominee Falls; American Majority? Yea, another "American" like group, how patriotic. They're a “nonpartisan” conservative right wing group, from out-of-state, now controlling the direction of Wisconsin politics:
American Majority describes itself as a non-profit, non-partisan political training institute that believes in limited government and free markets.
Yes, that statement about “free markets” kind of gives them away, but if you go to their website…well, they’re more direct and not so nonpartisan:
We have recently opened a permanent state office in Wisconsin. Our American Majority training team will conduct our premier trainings designed to help the citizens of Wisconsin translate their passion for liberty into real-world results in their communities. 
Any similar groups on the left…anyone? Conservatives are “training” citizens  for public office? 
WUWM: A conservative group training candidates in Wisconsin is celebrating victories  in Tuesday's elections. According to a release from the American Majority, it helped flip both the Kenosha Unified School Board and the Menomonee Falls Village Board from having liberal majorities to conservative control. Dan Wade garnered the most votes. He  and Gary Kunich, described as a fellow conservative, ousted incumbent Jo Ann Taube, who had the backing of union supporters. Its Wisconsin office claims a victory rate in Tuesday's spring elections of 64%.
 Knowing now that money and trained candidates for office, with their rehearsed memorized sound bite propaganda, are you getting the feeling it's not really you they're interested in? I'll be honest, I'm still trying to absorb this political distortion. 

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