Saturday, April 5, 2014

Wisconsin House Republicans vote to Raise Deficits, Drop 1 Million from ObamaCare a year, return denials for pre-existing conditions and charge more for women.

Republicans like Paul Ryan continue to show the nation just what they would do if they took control of the country. For example, ObamaCare.

Every Which Way but Insured: Wisconsin's House Republicans decided to make it easier for employers to drop health insurance entirely, or at least make every full-time worker part-time (39 hours or less), exempting employers from the ACA penalty entirely. Winners: Big Business. Losers: Workers and their families. From Roll Call:
GOP CHANGES TO HEALTH LAW: The House passed a Republican bill (HR 2575) to raise from 30 to 40 the number of hours worked each week, on average, to meet the Affordable Care Act’s definition of “full-time employee.” By redefining “full-time” to exclude individuals working 30-to-39 hours per week, the bill reduces the number of employees entitled to company-provided coverage. And this, in turn, would reduce the sum total of financial penalties paid by companies for violating the ACA’s employer mandate.
Increases Budget Deficit, Drops 1 million from Health Care Coverage every year:
Supporters said the bill would protect paychecks by removing an incentive for employers to reduce hours in order to avoid ACA penalties. But the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office said the bill would cause about one million people to lose employer-provided health coverage each year while increasing budget deficits by $73.7 billion over 10 years as a result, in part, of employers paying fewer penalties for violating the employer mandate.
How can this be a good fiscal policy? It isn't, but it does adhere to their strict small government ideology. Voting to increase the deficit and drop 10 million from health care, were Paul Ryan, James Sensenbrenner, Tom Petri, Sean Duffy, and Reid Ribble.

IMPORTANT-Democrats make their point: The Democrats put the GOP on record supporting gender discrimination and the return of denied coverage for pre-existing conditions:
GENDER BIAS, PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS: The House defeated a Democratic bid to bar HR 2575 (above) from taking effect if it would repeal popular Affordable Care Act features such as the law’s bans on gender discrimination and coverage denials based on pre-existing conditions.
Voting to bring back higher prices and death sentence denials for pre-existing conditions: Ryan, Sensenbrenner, Petri, Duffy, and Ribble.

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