Thursday, April 24, 2014

TIME Magazine includes Walker on 2014's 100 Most Influential People List! "So this is how liberty dies... With thunderous applause."-Padme

It goes without saying who TIME chose to write about Scott Walker's manufactured story of success-Chris Christie. I guess ignoring public sentiment and dictatorially plowing ahead anyway with a purely ideological fantasy about supply side economics is a trait to be admired now worldwide. And right wing collective called Neville Chamberlain an appeaser?
A Real Harley He-Man
Christie: "Leadership takes many forms in public office. One of the most difficult challenges is standing up for what you believe in when faced with relentless public attacks. Scott Walker faced that test and passed it with flying colors."
Scott Walker's mind numbing response can now be recited verbatim by almost anyone in the state who's ever heard him speak, because it's always the same no matter what the topic. Even in his "humble" statement of gratitude he can't stop selling his snake oil. How about a list of top 100 hucksters?
Walker: “I am certainly humbled by this honor. But being named to this list is not about me, this is about our bold reforms and what they have accomplished. Together, we turned a $3.6 billion deficit into a nearly $1 billion surplus, cut taxes by $2 billion, and helped the private sector create more than 100,000 jobs and nearly 17,000 new businesses. We are turning things around, and we are moving Wisconsin forward!"

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  1. I'm not too impressed with Time including Walker in their list - they've been wrong before - after all, they once made Hitler Man Of The Year. But the irony of Christie doing the write up is delicious. Both were included in Politifact's analysis of most-lying governors, although Walker did top that list.
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