Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Scott Walker's Jobs Promise Sounds Vaguely Familiar to Gov. Rick Scott's Failed Plan.

The party of ideas; of fiercely rugged individuals; of state sovereignty; freedom and liberty; and local control are shockingly the same in every red state. When one state passes a law, they follow suit in Borg like synchronization.

Running for governor? Better check the Republican manual's section on ridiculously empty promises. Both Scott Walker and Rick Scott are running on similar jobs promises. Gov. Scott out did Walker with a promise of 700,000 jobs, but in 7 years. With business tax cuts and handouts, how'd that go. Florida is adding 12,000 jobs a month, not what he needs. PolitiFact:
For Scott to deliver, Florida needs to create 26,000 jobs a month, every month, for 50 straight months. That happened only five times in Scott's first 34 months in office.

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