Thursday, April 17, 2014

Really Voters, Walker's Broken Jobs Promise OK?

Hey, even thought Walker's jobs promise failed miserably, he was just "aiming high." Jaw dropping?

Online headline changed
When I saw the story pictured here, I wasn't surprised. Republicans like Scott Walker only have to say it doesn't matter to get every one to back off. From having affairs to actual corruption, if they tell the press and voters they're not going to talk about it...end of discussion.

After 5 years of Republican whining about Obama's unforgivable list of "broken" promises, you'd think this would be an uncomfortable situation for Walker. Nah, he's a dreamer...he tried.

And all Walker had to do was just allow the state to keep up with a normal recovery. But Walker made it worse:
Northwestern: The downturn was the most severe we'd had in 75 years. The debt hangover, of families owing more than what they were worth, was unprecedented. So the probability of meeting his target is virtually zero. Despite all the rhetoric, there's no clear evidence that any “growth policies” that state governments adopt have any real effect. But the rhetoric is exactly the point. Almost everything Walker has done as governor – the union busting, the tax breaks for the well connected – have been justified because “it will create jobs.” So yes, since that's the standard Walker has consistently raised, how well he's created jobs is a standard he should be held to. So should Walker be judged on his job creation record? Yes he should – as a total, utter failure.
From WKOW, Walker's actual galling statement:

Here's an interesting clip from his newest ad. The media let Walker's campaign use the biggest most outrageous lie go unquestioned, so what happened, they started the ad with the GOP's free market Wall Street failure...the Great Recession. Yes, they're using their own ideological failure to bash Democrats, and oddly, getting away with it:

The ad ends with Walker's dream result; dropped Badgercare coverage in exchange for high deductible ACA insurance, which in turn pulls more discretionary money out of the states economy and instills "pride." All is well again.

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  1. It's not surprising that Walker discards so easily the promises made during a campaign. For him, it's not about serving constituents, it's all about advancing his own agenda, and what's important is that people believe him at this moment only. It's how cults get started, by choosing to ignore facts that discredit the leadership of the cult.

    An authoritative personality such as Walker's needs people willing to overlook his misdeeds, and he's found them.