Thursday, April 17, 2014

Secessionists are traitors!!! And oh yea, it's not Constitutional either, tea party patriots.

"Efforts to secede are an effort to overthrow the constitution of the United States. And can frankly be called a traitorous activity."- Mordecai Lee, Prof. of Governmental Affairs, UW Milwaukee.

That's how the audio below, from WPR's Joy Cardin Show, starts off. Mordecai Lee is about as middle of the road as they get, so that's saying something. I've included a few good listener calls too in this edited piece, one challenging Lee on being called a traitor.

Ed Schultz also talked about Wisconsin Republican efforts to leave the secession door open, with The Progressive's Ruth Conniff:

Here are just a few images I found that I thought wiped away any doubt that only a few right wing outliers are to blame:

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  1. Let's face it. This is a "feel good" proposal being put forth by crazy Tea party unpatriots. They know it will never fly, but it will get the crazies, the mega-church people and the Obama haters to vote for the newest slate of scary, right wing extrememists. They are using their own "divide and conquer' to move the party even further to the right.