Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Walker outsources state sign Job from Wisconsin Company.

When you hire a company from the deep south to do interstate sign jobs, dumping a local company that's been doing it for 30 years, that's called outsourcing. Blame Scott Walker.

Their decision is final too. This has been in dispute for a while, and maybe that's what made the administration even more resolute in changing companies, despite costing businesses that advertise on the blue interstate signs even more. Who knew being "open for business" meant a preference for out-of-state companies at the expense of local employers.
Walker stiffs Wisconsin Company
jsonline: The company that had been providing the work for nearly 30 years, Derse-Wisconsin Highway Business Signs of Milwaukee, had proposed a price cut, but businesses won't see that reduction because the work went to the Georgia firm. The new contract gives the work to Interstate Logos, a Georgia-based subsidiary of billboard giant Lamar Advertising Co., and keeps prices at the same amounts they have been for years.
The Walker administration even went as far as throwing out this cheap shot at our state based company:
State officials contend businesses will get better service under the new contract, which starts May 1 and is good for 10 years. In an email announcing the decision Friday, state traffic engineer Bill McNary wrote, "Interstate Logos will provide better signs and better response in the maintenance of signs."

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