Thursday, April 10, 2014

Republican State Sen. Mike Ellis in Deep Sh**!!! James O'Keefe "hit-job" going after "Squishy" Walker opponents?

ALERT: Friday-jsonline:
State Senate President Mike Ellis dropped out of his bid for re-election Friday, two days after a secret recording was released revealing him discussing setting up an illegal political action committee to attack his challenger.
Why did Ellis' decide to drop out? See below the line....
There's even more of Republican State Sen. Mike Ellis. Yikes.

In case you didn't hear:
State Senate President Mike Ellis is defending himself after he was secretly caught on video talking about illegal campaign activity. "I am putting together my own super PAC. I have a $400,000 committee and Judi Rhodes will, I am raising the money, she will manufacture the crap," said Ellis. The video was posted by Project Veritas, an organization led by conservative activist James O'Keefe.
Here's part of the original video release from O'Keefe:

One of my favorite lines:
At one point, the person recording the conversation said Walker was focusing on a potential presidential run in 2016.

“Amen. I think Walker’s working for Walker.”
But as I mentioned, WKOW's Greg Neumann had even more of the story:

I thought these two comments from conservative UW Prof. Ann Althouse's blog made a few good points:
mrs.e said...O'Keefe is going after Ellis because Ellis is hard for Walker to handle. He's got a tremendous independent streak that's to unpredictable for Walker and his funders (Bradley Foundation/Koch) to handle. Regardless of who's paying, it sure smells like authoritarians hellbent on ideological purity.

Mark said...Hit job. Question is who. Bradley Foundation? Robin Vos setting his ladyfriend up with a plum seat? Walker getting rid of a squish who caused problems passing what he was told last session? He will get knocked out in the primary now - it's not like the James O'Keefe was tipped off to this tiny bit player as a favor to WI Dems.

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