Sunday, April 27, 2014

Right Wing Zombie Blogger likes "Free Country," but only to a point...

"...they want to eat your brains — and get their tax cuts."
That's how the Rob Thomas article in the Cap Times started out, in reference to a new and locally made movie:
Some intemperate Wisconsin liberals have painted their conservative Tea Party neighbors as “right-wing zombies.” So filmmaker Adam Schabow is just taking that literally with his first horror movie, “New World Horror.”

Schabow (is) getting push back from conservative commentators who, not surprisingly, aren't too crazy about being portrayed as brain-eating undead.
Enter the poor picked on tea party conservative, who questions just how far that First Amendment should extend:
“It is of course a free country and Mr. Schabow can create whatever movie, with whatever message, he wants,” Collin Roth wrote for the Right Wisconsin blog. “But
there is something a bit gross and unsettling about a man with Schabow's assumptions and prejudices making a movie that depicts a popular American political movement (one which includes tens of thousands of Wisconsinites) as bloodthirsty, brain-dead, killers.”
The horrors of depicting a "popular American political movement" like...the Democratic Party? Just for fun, I've included a few pic's below where liberals have been kicking this zombie idea around for awhile now...

Political Heat also had a few things to say about this story. 

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