Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Government Coercion! State Rep. Tyler August threatens Shared Revenue cut if Madison enforces a Law he doesn't like.

Seriously, are we living in a Republican dictatorship in Wisconsin or what.
Here’s another in a long list of examples where our dominating and coercive big government Republican majority knows what’s best for all of us. You’ll find this listed under the heading, “small government.”
Lake Geneva State Rep. Tyler August apparently doesn't respect enforcement of local laws if it conflicts with "what should be a free market system." It should? Tyler August is either unaware of or is spearheading a movement to cleanse the system of all rules and regulations, local or otherwise:
“It is disappointing to see the City of Madison using the power of government to punish individuals operating under what should be a free market system. If the City of Madison has enough resources available to waste on undercover enforcement of taxi ordinances, perhaps it is time to revisit the millions of dollars given to the city in shared revenue as the next budget process begins.”
Our current GOP leaders like to force change with an iron fist backed by threats, just like the founding fathers intended. 

Big Government Tyler August can’t wait to write another law:
My office has already started looking into a legislative remedy to this situation.
Tyler August also helped author a bill and constitutional amendment that once gave California crushing deficits with the help of their own “no tax” Republicans; a bill requiring 2/3rds super majority for sales and income tax increases. To August, that was a success?


  1. Why doesn't small government "chuckie" just line up traffic cones along the 1218 beltway for his remedy? Yo can't make this stuff up if you tried, John. They kill me.

  2. So today, this butterball is all about big government superseding local control, as long as it's somewhere else and the lobbyists for that business are paying him.

    Why don't we return the favor, and make sure Lake Geneva is flooded with unmarked and barely-marked cars picking people up from downtown bars around Memorial Day. And we'll make sure no one serving drinks at those bars is licensed, in the name of FREEDUM. No worries, right Tyler?

  3. Well it sure looks this tea party asshat needs to pass on the cab and do some walking.

  4. This is a 'worst' of time.