Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Conservative Small Business Owners Next Big Threat in privatizing Government.

If you thought we had problems with big business buying influence and control, just wait till all of the not so sharp local business guys get involved. The next almost invisible wave of freaks clamoring to downsize and privatize government is coming from an avalanche of Republican small business owners. While billionaire CEO's fund campaigns and hire big time lobbyists, their smaller local versions are forcing their crude free market laws into the system bypassing voter concerns.

Rep. Duey "Lord Voldemort" Stroebel is another unhappy American, whining about "things," like the "encroachment upon our liberties," "things that just aren't good," "things aren't the American way," "I'm a citizen legislature," "I think we need more representation in Washington D.C. from people from the private sector," and "again, not the career politicians."

Stroebel bashed career politicians, like you know, 20 year career politician Scott Walker. Thank you Dewey.

ObamaCare Stupid: Stroebel also follows in the clueless footsteps of Dumb Ron Johnson, when he gets everything he's saying about ObamaCare wrong, like: "ObamaCare is a disaster," "its increasing their premiums," "and it's all costing the government a trillion dollars to accomplish this," "it's not the American way, it's not who we are," ALL WRONG. ObamaCare is paid for, and will save the government money. But Stroebel isn't the curious type. And since when is it the American way to have over 40 million people going without health care coverage? A fine tradition?

Secession: Stroebel is okay with the idea, saying "it's really a reaction to where the federal government is right now." Well then, it was silly to ask.

From Upfront with Mike Gousha:

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