Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Walker article inspires "followers" to load comments section with hate filled compassion, mercy, goodness and optimism!

What a response to the Scott Walker article “Scott Walker:Wisconsin is better off than four years ago.”

If better off means that 48 percent of the voting population who DIDN'T vote for Scott Walker get ripped a new asshole by the other 52 percent, well then our governor would be right. 

The problem Wisconsin and the country has politically, according to "Stand with Walker" supporters, is that we have this troublesome two party system. How can you be principled if you have to compromise?

For me, reading through the comments section is always fun and still a real eye opener.

Veritas777 is one of those right wing name calling screamers the comments sections see a lot of. His enemies include half of the state’s population who didn't vote for Walker. The truth and Veritas777 are never on the same page. He was okay when his party spent like drunken sailors, borrowed trillions of dollars and enter into an unnecessary trillion dollar war, but it’s Obama who’s acting like a king. Oh, and Clippers owner Donald Sterling is still a Republican:
Veritas777: INCOME INEQUALITY ... Are black Americans better off five years into
the Obama presidency? Let me answer your question very forthrightly. No, they are not … and yet rich white liberals are doing quite well - - just ask the Clippers owner ... or Mary Burke ... or Harry Reid ... It is liberalism that is the cause of income inequality exponential expansion under 5 years of Obama and his imperialist dictatorship where he changes law by executive decree like King George.
The Great Recession blew out 8.7 million hard working middle class jobs, but...never mind that hiccup in deregulated supply side economics. Hard work didn't reward them with success or save their jobs, did it? Is it any surprise Veritas777 is also a proud rugged follower of his party’s leader:
Veritas777: Let the liberals cry "racism", and "income inequality", while Republican's show there is a better way.....HARD work, lower taxes, and REWARD success rather than subsidizing failure … People WILL respond to leadership ... and SOME governors are leading in Texas, Wisconsin, Louisiana, and Florida, while New York and California are drowning in their own liberal filth.
It’s also amusing to read a hate filled diatribe that blames liberals for hate filled diatribes. To top that off, they’re the real optimists:
Doing the people's business, or his own?
GOOD DOG HAPPY MAN: Lefty's worldview is like those of the Hate America Firster's, the Angry Blue-Fister's and other proggy paleo-lib protectors and defenders of their old status quo political power. They're always humorless, mean, grievence-filled and cynical. Righties are the new innovative, new tech, new style, new goodness and mercy compassionate, common sense Conservatives. We're big tent and welcoming to all. We want the best for all our fellow citizens. We want to grow the pie. We're optimistic, honest and open.
This is the Walker "divide and conquer" legacy in Wisconsin. And that's okay too.

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  1. I'm always impressed by some people's ability to get so many things wrong using so few words.